Nintendo and their E3 Treehouse continue today and they have begun with talks about their next major mobile game, Pokemon Go. As many of you already know, this game will allow players to catch beloved creatures from the series while walking around in the real world.

While it started out as an April Fool’s Joke with Google Maps, Pokemon Go has grown to become a much anticipated title by Nintendo. Right now only those from the first generation are available, but eventually you will be able to “catch’em all!” Using your location, you’ll be able to catch different Pokemon depending on your surroundings. For example, water types will be near water and so on.

Like other titles in the series, some Pokemon will be more difficult to catch than others, such as legendaries. Because this game is played on the go, the music is upbeat and encourages players to walk and explore more while looking to catch more Pokemon. With Sun & Moon releasing soon, there will eventually also be a connection with Pokemon Go to the main series on Nintendo handheld devices.

Check back in with Gamespresso for more information on this amazing title as it is announced.

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