Project Scorpio, the upcoming iteration of the Xbox One that will support 4K resolution and VR, will not mark the beginning of a new console cycle according to Phil Spencer, Head Executive of Xbox.

Despite its superior power, any game that runs on Scorpio will be available on other versions of the Xbox One. “We’re going to have versions of those games that will work on Xbox One and Xbox One S, as well as supporting Scorpio,” Spencer told Wired.

“Consumer expectation is that, if you wanted to, you could go buy a new cell phone every year. I don’t want to get into that mode with a console,” he continued. “We’re not on a hardware tick-tock that says I need to put out a console every two years or every one year to get people to upgrade. That’s not the console model.”

The executive also said that expecting third-party developers to design games for a console with varying hardware shouldn’t be a problem for those that have worked on simultaneous console and PC releases.

Recently, Spencer advised consumers against purchasing a Scorpio if they did not own a 4K television.

The Xbox One S will launch August of this year. Project Scorpio is set to release during the holiday season of 2017.

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