It has been over a decade since Psychonauts was released by Double Fine Productions on the Xbox, PS2, and PC. Since then it has gained a massive cult following, all of whom have been craving for more of this fun and fantastic platform adventure.

While it was thought that its addition on PlayStation’s Blog, The Drop, was a mistake and originally take down, it seems Psychonauts truly is released on the PS4. For those, like myself, who only heard of this game long after it had been released and have been waiting to get their hands on it, now is the time. It is only $9.99 and ready to be experienced by those who want to join the cult of followers.

It is also important to note that Psychonauts 2 had a successful Kickstarter campaign, so we can expect to see the sequel sometime in the next couple of years. What better way to catch up than playing the original on PS4.

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