Ever since its announcement earlier in the year, there’s been a lot of clamoring and hopeful yearning for the next Supergiant Games. After the critical success of Bastion and Transistor, the team showcased Pyre during PAX East. Pyre follows a band of exiles who must participate in the ‘Rites’ in order to make it back home from the strange land they currently inhabit.

The Rites are the main point of gameplay and it is a strange take on strategy and almost a sports game. The goal of the game is to carry an ‘orb’ to the opposition’s purifying flames. Similar to something you’d see in say basketball or football. The orb holder is completely vulnerable from attacks and have limited options in order to maneuver around.

PAX East and E3 attendees had a chance to try out the strange new game by Supergiant Games. Despite having a relatively strange and differing style of gameplay from its predecessors, the game still oozes with the ‘Supergiant Games’ touch. A gorgeous artstyle and incredible soundtrack with a booming, dominating narration. Though, it looks like narration for Pyre will be handled by someone other than the studio’s resident voice actor Logan Cunningham.

Pyre will be available sometime in 2017 on PlayStation 4 and on PC.

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