As far as Bethesda’s concerned, Quake’s legacy isn’t over quite yet.

The epic competitive arena shooter was genre defining, and considering how relevant competitive FPS’s still are, I doubt the impact it’s made is over.

Quake Champions is the latest installment in the franchise, returning as a competitive arena shooter. The game will be developed by Id software, and is intended to attract all players.

The newest Quake will remain exclusive to the PC, leaving out console players on a high end performance experience. With unlocked frame rates, Quake Champions will run at 120Hz. The characters included in Id Software’s latest Quake will feature unique abilities and attributes.

The game won’t be left alone with its unique characters to develop on its own, instead Bethesda wants to encourage the eSport scene as much as possible. Competitive tournaments will be held, and funded, by the company itself.

More details will be revealed at Quakecon this August.

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