PlayStation VR exclusive title, Robinson: The Journey, has been shown off in a new trailer. First revealed at Paris game week by Crytek, Robinson: The Journey is a graphically impressive VR game that has been “achieved with CryEngine.”

In Robinson, you are placed in the shoes of a young boy named Robin who is left stranded on an alien planet after the spaceship you are aboard breaks apart above it, leaving you alone in a lush green forest with no one but a drone and the planets inhabitants to keep you company.

The footage shown is of the initial landing, with Robin looking at the crumbling station with who we can assume is his mother calling out his name as the escape pod falls to a planet that looks similar to Earth. The drone wakes you and lets you know of the “good news”, you are the first person on this planet. The drone then goes on to explain that the best course of action is to remain indoors. But being an inquisitive child, Robin opts to open the door, ignoring the polite protests of the drone, to reveal a lush forest filled with dinosaur-esque lifeforms.

PlayStation VR is set to release on October 13th, while Robinson: The Journey has yet to get a release date.

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