Ubisoft has announced release dates for three of the company’s upcoming virtual reality titles.

Eagle Flight, a game that literally takes you to the skies as you maneuver above Paris, will release on Oculus Rift on October 18, followed by a release on PlayStation VR on November 8, and finally arriving on the HTC Vive on December 20. Taking place 50 years after humans have vanished from Earth, players can fly solo throughout the city to find collectibles and discover hidden areas, or join with up to six friends in the game’s two multiplayer modes.

Next up, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, as revealed at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference this year, debuts on all three VR platforms on November 29.  In Bridge Crew, players take control of a starship as officers of the Federation, bringing “a true-to-life level of immersion in the Star Trek Universe.”  Along with Eagle Flight, Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be available in digital stores one week earlier than their respective retail versions.

Finally, Werewolves Within, a first-person rendition of the popular game Wearwolves will be available across all three VR platforms on December 6.

Both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are available now, while the PlayStation VR will be available later this year on October 13.

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