Werewolf is a notorious social party game and Ubisoft will be bringing that notoriety to Virtual Reality according to an announcement earlier in the week. With the bulk of production by Red Storm Entertainment, the game will be worked on in collaboration with Ubisoft Barcelona. The ported title will be called Werewolf Within and plays very much like the physical party game.

The game of Werewolf is quite simple, each person within the game receives a role that identifies if they are on the werewolf team or the villagers. These roles may help in their team objective, either to eat all the villagers or to figure out the identity of the werewolves. As you’d imagine, deception would be the ideal name for the game as each player has to do their part in order to work together and fulfill their objective. In Werewolf Within, there are some interesting features including whispers, more receptive ‘tells’ and various use of body language.

I mentioned that the game was notorious- in many circles of discussion, Werewolf has a crippling issue with dealing with dead players. Having to sit out causes exclusion and tedium for a game that is meant to be a ‘social’ game. That said, this type of game is a great deal of fun and worth picking up especially with the mentioned online feature for Werewolf Within.

Werewolf Within will be available on the various VR devices coming out this year.

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