Ubisoft had the opportunity to make perhaps the coolest announcement for VR in a long time, with Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

Assembling some of the finest talent in Star Trek, Ubisoft put a demo together of LeVar Burton(The Next Generation), Jeri Ryan(Voyager), and Karl Urban(Into Darkness) trying out Bridge Crew with one of Ubisoft’s employees.

Players have the ability to take over the role as Captain, Engineering, Tactical, and the Helm. Each of the roles are important, regardless of title, and the ship will fail without the co-operation between everyone.

The virtual reality setting in Bridge Crew allows you to take a look around at your fellow officers, seeing how they are interacting in real time with their surroundings.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is set for a 2016 release on all “Major VR” systems.

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