Adding on to the game’s already massive selection of items, Psyonix is giving you a whole new host of things to collect in Rocket League.

Differently colored versions of items already in the game, Painted items randomly generate a color when they drop. The system is starting with only toppers and wheels, but Psyonix plans to expand it to other items in the future. Normal items will still drop, but there is now also a chance for Painted versions.

A bit more complicated are the Certified items. These items will actually track a specific stat, the number of long goals you manage for instance, and will upgrade as you accomplish more of the particular feat.

“For example, if I discover a ‘Sniper Wizard Hat,’ I’ve acquired a special version of the ‘Wizard Hat’ Topper that tracks ‘Long Goals,’” Design Director Cory Davis explains.

“Every time I score a Long Goal in an online match, the hat’s stat counter will increase by one. When I reach fifty Long Goals with that hat equipped, it becomes a ‘Skillful Sniper Wizard Hat,’ and after many more, an ‘Incredible Sniper Wizard Hat,’ and so on.”

Not all stats will work the same way, but Psyonix wants players to unlock the items themselves to figure out more.

Recently, the developer also added two Dying Light flags to the game. Are the new items enough to make you jump back into Rocket League for a few matches? Let us know in the comments.

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