Rare’s newest title, Sea of Thieves, has finally resurfaced at E3 2016.

Previous details regarding the game was scarce, and Rare is hoping to fill in the blanks with a trailer that includes some gameplay.

The gameplay footage shows up in the video above after the trailer, done with real players who were recorded 3 months prior to the E3 event.

Sea of Thieves features rich worlds with treasures, sharks, krakens, and much more. Players will work together to make their ships sails and turn the anchors, with the ability to repair the damage done to the ship to prevent flooding and sinking. Rare’s latest title doesn’t just focus on the battles raging on the seas, they also make sure to include small features to make your pirating experience realistic, including getting drunk if you decide to indulge in some rum.

Overall, the co-operative play featured in Sea of Thieves looks incredibly promising, and something we should all get excited about.

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