Spoiler alert, he doesn’t die at the end of the video. In a 12 minute walkthrough video for Civilization VI is presented by 2K and Firaxis, Sean Bean lends his voice talent to narrate the game. The video was shown off to press and early attendees who managed to sneak into a closed presentation of the game.

The video starts with a glorious ‘evolution of Civilization’ as footage from each game leads to one another; coupled by Sean Bean’s epic narration. Eventually the video builds up as a city is made in front of our eyes.

Within the video; exploration, expansion, exploitation AND extermination are all shown. True to nature of the familar ‘4x’ style of games that the series have built up. To spice things up, there’s the new ‘Unstacking Cities’ feature that was shown off in an earlier video:

The unstacking cities feature puts great emphasis on where and what tech needs to be built in relation to the environment that develops around them during a play-by-play basis. These force the player to really consider how best to obtain the most of out adjacent bonuses and wonder compatibility while keeping on their toes as entry points for enemy attacks become vulnerable.

Civilization VI will be released on the 21st of October, 2016 for PC.

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