A new launch title was revealed for PlayStation VR this week, named Tethered.

The new title  is a strategy VR game from the team at Secret Sorcery Towers.

Tethered revolves around a day and night cycle, where during the day, players must focus on preparing their village and its flock, building up defenses and getting ready for the night, because when the darkness hits, it becomes all about surviving the scavengers that come to attack.

“Designed and developed exclusively for Virtual Reality, ‘Tethered’ takes the best parts of a sand-box experience you might expect from a great strategy game and combines them with gentle puzzle mechanics that help pull you through the experience, all the while wrapping you up in a beautifully immersive universe,” Alan McDermott, the game’s creative director said on the PlayStation Blog. “With a simple premise at its core – gather and prepare by day, survive by night – our goal is to strike balance between comfort, simplicity, beauty and challenge.”

McDermott added that the look of the game has taken inspiration from Studio Ghibli, while the audio is being done by Kenny Young of Little Big Planet and Tearaway fame.

“For us, comfort and fun gameplay are paramount, and Tethered is the result of us staying focused on what’s important,” he said. ” We want VR to be for everyone, and that’s why we set out to make a game that is as easy to pick up as it is hard to put down. During a typical play session, you can expect to spend around 30 – 40 minutes of building up your village, gathering Spirit Energy, discovering ancient artefacts and learning new skills for your Peeps, not to mention fighting off the denizens of the night!”

Tethered is expected to be at E3 next week and will launch alongside PSVR this October.

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