Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, may see a release on the PC, depending if developer tri-Ace can figure out control issues.

If the game could control well without the use of a game pad, then the possibility of a PC port would be more likely, producer Shuichi Kobayashi told FFDream in an interview.

So if you have a game pad, you can play it without problems, but I wonder how those who don’t have one would play,” Kobayashi said. “That’s our main concern and why we’ve pushed to release a PC version later on, so that we could reflect on the controls for players without a game pad.”

“The ASKA engine, which tri-Ace used to develop Star Ocean 5, allows us to easily bring the game to PC, so if we can find a solution to our problem with the controls on PC, porting it should be easy enough for us, although I can’t promise that it would be fast,” he continued.

Tri-Ace announced a couple months ago that Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness would be coming to the West and would feature both English and Japanese audio. It will release for PlayStation 4 in North America on June 28th and July 1st internationally.

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