Time-stopping, bullet-dodging action game SUPERHOT will soon have even more content for players to blast their way through. The game’s developer, SUPERHOT Team, posted on the title’s Steam page, teasing some of the levels and new features on the way.

With over 20 new locations coming in the expansion, the team is also adding scenarios to locations already in the game. “You’ll recognize some of the scenes we’re working on from your favorite movies, others are taken straight from the hellish depths of our imaginations. As an important common factor though, they’ll all make you feel exceedingly badass,” the developer explains.

Beyond than just adding more of the same though, the expansion will also introduce procedural generation to the game. “What this means is that every single playthrough will be different… In the long run, this will make it way harder to master SUPERHOT DLC. You won’t be able to learn the game by heart any more, you’ll need to work on your skills instead!”


Along with the new content, the DLC will also include a new combo points and reward system. If you manage “a particularly badass combo” the team is putting a new system in place to reward you. As you play you will rack up points for style, which can then be spent on modifiers like faster movement, a short enemy stun, and something called Prototype Vision. If you die however, you’ll lose access to those modifiers.

“This puts way more emphasis on staying alive… There’s a lot more pressure and tension, you’ve got to give it all you’ve got,” the developer says. “The intensity of clinging to your life is simply breathtaking but once you complete a run, you feel just euphoric.”


SUPERHOT is available now on PC and Xbox One. At E3, Oculus revealed a new trailer for the virtual reality version of the game, aptly titled SUPERHOT VR.

While there’s no release date set for the free expansion, SUPERHOT Team promises the “wait will soon be over.” As we learn more, you’ll find it right here on Gamespresso.

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