The eBay auctions of rare games found in a landfill in New Mexico has officially ended. The auctions of games including E.T.found in the Alamogordo landfill added up to$107,930.15.


Vice President of Tularosa Basin Historical society Joe Lewandowski released the number during the City Commision meeting according to Alamogordo News. Lewandowski has been referred to as the “Indiana Jones” of Alamogordo due to his involvement with this case for decades.

$65,000 of the sale goes to the city of Alamogordo and $16,250 goes to the Tularosa Basin Historical Society. Fees for shipping and other expenses added up to $26,600. In total, 881 games were shipped to 45 states and 14 countries.

Alamogordo sold unearthed copies of E.T. as well as Asteroids, Centipede, and Star Raiders.

23 of the games were donated to museums and 100 went to the film company in charge of the documentary Atari: Game Over, a film that closed with the discovery of the landfill.

Lewandowski says he has plenty of stories that are worth of another movie. He currently has 297 more games that he is holding on to for the release of the second film to net the largest profit for Alamogordo.


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