Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs wasn’t the most popular game when it came out but that hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from making a sequel to the hacking game.

The developer has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel, ahead of the E3 conference. Lasting a total of 33 seconds the trailer doesn’t show much as we watch as someone, presumably the protagonist, standing just out of shot fiddling around with a phone. While we don’t see much of the person holding the phone they already bear more than a few similarities to the leaked images of the rumoured protagonist for Watch Dogs 2 but it’s still too early to tell. What we do see in the teaser is a detailed look at how the hacking is performed on a mobile.

The game’s official reveal has since released.

Are you excited for Watch Dogs 2 or was the first one enough for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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