Carbine Studios has announced that they will be adding a max-level character boost feature to WildStar in the game’s next update.

“Coming to WildStar in the next update you’ll be able to rocket to max-level with a character boost!” the developer stated. “You’ll be able to boost a new character to level 50 with a purchase made directly from the character selection screen. Itching to try one of the upcoming new class/race combos? Boost a Chua Warrior to 50, and on no time you’ll be laughing manically as your space hamster cuts enemies down with a giant blade.

“Or maybe you’re looking to join your friends at max-level? Boost up a new character and get into high-end zones – like the frigid wastelands of Arcterra- and join them on one of the greatest challenges of all: getting that one person to actually show up for raid night. You know who you are.

“And it’s all just in time for our upcoming release of Redmoon Terror this August, as we challenge players to conquer the most expansive raiding experience ever created by humans, some of the most challenging boss encounters ever dreamt of by sadistic maniacs, and discover some of the most shocking revelations in the rich and ongoing WildStar story ever written by whoever those story-writing guys are.”

Once players boost their character to max-level, they will receive a set of level 50 Assault and Support starting gear, a race-specific mount, some Platinum, Path rewards, Elder Gems, immediate access to housing, and more.

WildStar is available on PC. Gamers will be able to test out the character boost on the upcoming Heroes Evolved update PTR.

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