Images of the Xbox One Slim, or Xbox One S, have surfaced online today, a day before Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference.  The images were first posted on NeoGAF and revealed details on the next iteration of the console.

The photos reveal it will be 40% smaller than the Xbox One, have 2TB hard drive and support 4K Ultra HD video. It also has a High Dynamic Range, a streamlined controller, and vertical stand. Any improved hardware specs in the Xbox One S are currently unknown. The console will be “sleeker, slimmer,” and “sharper,” according to the image. It is also rumored to have a built-in power brick instead of an external one.

Xbox One Slim

This news comes after months of rumors surrounding a new version of the Xbox One. So far, no release date or price have been announced. Expect further details at Microsoft’s conference tomorrow.

The Xbox One S’s leak is one of many leaks that have occurred at this year’s E3. Earlier, the single player trailer for Titanfall 2 was released hours before EA’s conference and screens of Dead Rising 4 were also posted on NeoGAF this morning.

Xbox One Slim

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