An impressive amount of news came out of Star Wars Celebration today as DICE dropped more details about the upcoming third piece of DLC for Battlefront. Called Death Star, the DLC includes everyone’s favorite Wookiee, Chewbacca. And if that wasn’t enough, the developer also announced the game’s forth DLC will be based on the upcoming film, Rogue One.

Due to release this September, Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star includes new maps set both on the ground and in space around the titular space station. Not only will there finally be space battles in Battlefront, but DICE promises multi-stage missions, specifically one that sees rebels attacking along the trench of the Death Star. Beyond that, there will be new vehicles, weapons, star cards, and, of course, new heroes.

Both the reptilian bounty hunter Bossk and Chewbacca will be joining the game’s roster. While there are still no details about either of the characters beyond the fact that they will be included, DICE says, “Chewie has been one of the most requested heroes and we are excited to see him team up alongside current heroes including his partner, Han Solo.”

Death Star will release alongside a free update that brings Skirmishes to Battlefront. An offline, bot mode, Skirmishes will finally allow players to tackle the game’s Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron game modes without venturing online.

“There will be plenty more details released about the Death Star Expansion, so make sure to stay tuned in as we explore them during the road ahead,” DICE teases.

And finally, to round out the announcements, the developer also revealed during the panel (via IGN) that both the hero Jyn Erso and the villain Director Orson Krennic will appear in the forth and final DLC. Based on Rogue One, and introducing the tropical planet of Scarif (visible in all of Rogue One’s trailers), the DLC will release sometime in early 2017. The film itself releases December 16.

Rogue One Jyn Erso and Director Orson Krennic

This all comes just weeks after the release of the game’s second DLC, Bespin. Set in and around Cloud City, the DLC added five new maps and the new game mode Sabotage. It also introduced the lovable scoundrel Lando Calrissian and the bounty hunter Dengar.

For more on the Death Star DLC, check out the released concept art pieces below.

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