Bungie’s 1 year update to Destiny, cleverly titled Destiny 2.0, launched Tuesday. Since then millions of players have downloaded the mandatory update, exploring tons of new content.

Destiny’s 2.0 update is in anticipation of The Taken King, which launches September 15th – only one week after Destiny 2.0. Bungie has already said they are working fast to resolve any of the known issues that you may find with Destiny 2.0.

Through recent documents we have learned that Destiny’s sequel was intended to release this month, with Destiny originally launching back in 2013. The documents were found in light of some legal issues with one of the games composers.

Destiny’s The Taken King had its own live action trailer to accompany the game, and Bungie has said the expansion will change the way the story is told in Destiny.

For more news on Destiny and its upcoming additions, keep your eye on Gamespresso.

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