The team over at Poke Radar has come forth with a tool Pokemon GO fans desperately wanted: A chart of every Pokemon’s spawn chance.

How many of us have seen the shadow of an illusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO’s tracker, only to have it disappear almost immediately? Or seen a Pokemon’s silhouette once when passing through an area, then never seen it again? As it turns out, a lot of a Pokemon’s chance of spawning isn’t just based off of its location, it’s also based on the overarching odds that a given Pokemon will spawn, as well as– perhaps surprisingly– the time of day.

The people over at Poke Radar, a tool for tracking where Pokemon have actually spawned in real time, collected data from over 100 million(!) data points (as originally published, and available, on Pokemon GO Champ). You can search the chart by name, and organize it by Spawn Chance, Avg. Spawns / 10,000, and the times at which each Pokemon spawns the most often.

Ditto and the legendaries, of course, don’t make the list– no one’s seen them yet. The rarest Pokemon are Dragonite (at .11% of all spawns); Charizard, Muk, and Mr. Mime (at .31%); and Gyarados and Kabutops (.32%). The most common, surprising no one, are Pidgey (15.98%), Rattata (13.05%), and Weedle (7.12%). Thankfully, Magikarp makes the top 5 Pokemon (4.78%), considering you’ll need to catch at least 101 in order to evolve one into a Gyarados.

Pokemon GO recently upped the spawn rate across the board, but they’ve also been cracking down on Pokemon GO tracking websites. This tool gives you an optimal time of day to check out somewhere you’ve seen a couple of a Pokemon, which if nothing else is a huge time saver. Otherwise, check out Poke Radar for some Pokemon tracking goodness.

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