A large portion of the Pokemon GO community was using a third-party tracking website called PokeVision. The site had allowed players to accurately track down Pokemon due to the game’s buggy official tracker. Now, however, PokeVision has been shut down.

According to the PokeVision Twitter feed, the site was shut down due to the team “respecting Niantic and Nintendo’s wishes.” No further explanation has been provided. Forbes asked if the site would be down indefinitely, to which co-founder Yangcheng Liu responded “it possibly could be.”

The Pokemon GO community is upset that PokeVision has been shut down, as the shut down of the site had accompanied a recent for the game that removed the “three steps” feature, making it difficult to track down Pokemon.

It was recently found that there are no region-exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO. The Pokemon Mr. Mime, Taurus, Farfetch’d, and Kangaskhan were all thought to be exclusive to Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia respectively. This has been proven false, however, as some trainers have managed to hatch these Pokemon from eggs. One player has managed to catch all of the game’s obtainable Pokemon, including those that were thought to be region-exclusive by hatching them from eggs.

Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android devices.

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