It is no secret that homelessness is an issue all around the world. People have the tendency to walk around those on the street and wonder why they don’t clean up their act, get a job, or do anything to better their situation. This is obviously much easier said than done. Delve Interactive wants to depict the real turmoil of being homeless to players with their new game, CHANGE.

Announced with a trailer, CHANGE asks players there bold question, “If you were homeless… what would you do?” While no gameplay details have been given yet, we can assume the player will have to find ways to eat, places to sleep, and make time to pursue ways to help their lives become a little better.

CHANGE is being developed for Steam, Mobile, and Tablet. Delve Interactive is launching a Kickstarter for the title later this month. With this, there will be a gameplay trailer, giving players a more concrete idea of how it will play out. Hopefully CHANGE will inspire the right amount of backers to support this title and make it a reality. If done correctly, it seems it could really be a game that could adjust the way a lot of people think about those less fortunate around them.

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