With the recent release of Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs, the developer behind the game, plans to release updates on a bi-weekly schedule, like that they did with their previous title, Ingress. They plan to treat the game as an ever-evolving entity.

Niantic sat down for an interview with Game Informer to talk about the plans they have for the future of the app.

Referring to the bi-weekly schedule, “Treat that as a general rule of thumb. That’s more or less the tempo that we’re on, but hopefully we won’t start the war drums beating for an extra piece. My point is more that, it’s one where – and we’ve done this with Ingress for the past three years – we regularly push updates.”

These updates will range in various sizes and will add various features, such as trading Pokemon between players. The team is also looking to improve the functionality of PokeStops and Gyms.

“We’re also looking at PokéStops and Gyms and we have a set of ideas around how to add depth to that gameplay in terms of, you can add things like a lure to a PokéStop today that sort of modifies the PokéStop and causes it to attract more Pokémon it. There is some thinking about how to further modify and evolve PokéStops and gyms. Players will be able to shape them and add functionality to them by working collaboratively together, so that’s an area that we’ll be spending quite a bit of effort over the coming weeks and months on.”

Niantic Labs plans to focus on improving Pokemon Go by adding more depth to its current systems while also provide any bug fixes that need to be done in-game.

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