Though we’ve known for some time the point-and-click adventure game, Deponia, would be making the jump to console, Daedalic Entertainment has finally announced a release date. Deponia, the first game in a series of four, will be available on PS4, starting November 15th.

Originally released in 2012, Deponia follows Rufus, the uncouth and grumpy resident of a middle-of-nowhere town on Deponia, the game’s namesake. The planet is essentially a giant dump, simply known as a junk planet. As the developer states in a press release, “Rufus feels destined for greater things and dreams of a life on the spaceship Elysium, the floating city high above the planet’s surface. When the beautiful Goal suddenly falls from these privileged spheres into a neighboring trash heap, Rufus sees his chance.”

The developer explains the game will even feature entirely reworked controls, making Rufus directly controllable, a departure from the point-and-click original.

The game sports colorful characters in a unique world, held together comfortably by a protagonist with the sassy, dry sense of humor of a King’s Quest game. It’s an interesting take on the genre, with uniform color palettes, and memorable characters that weave together a great story.

Deponia is already out on PC, Mac, and iPad, and Daedalic says the Xbox One version, along with the rest of the games in the series for PS4, will be available within the next year.

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