Developer NCSoft has stated that it will be changing up how Blade and Soul’s servers are structured. Some players are stuck in less-populated servers, so they’ll be connecting some servers together based on language and world zone.

“As we add new features and evaluate the game as a whole, we’re constantly looking to ensure a high quality experience,” the developer explains. “In order to adapt with our evolving player base, we’re going to be connecting the world zones between multiple servers together (full list below) so that characters on other servers are playing in the same world zones and in the same language. These linked servers will have a combined Faction population count, thus we have also taken care to look at faction balance to consider the server groups.

“You’ll be sharing zones and channels with characters from other servers in an entirely seamless way. You’ll be able to group in the world with other players from your linked server group, create or join a clan with them, and send mail to other characters in your linked server group.”

In total, six new server cluster are going to be made for Blade and Soul in North America and Europe on July 14th. You can check them out here.