So you’re glowing after watching the reveal trailer for the latest Overwatch hero revealed, Ana. Don’t click away though! Perceptive viewers would have noticed this image from the origin video for Ana Amari:


Ana describes how Pharah grew up with heroes; members of the Overwatch. In a quaint little sequence where an image of the Overwatch team shows up, 8 out of 10 of the people in the image are recognizable. Alongside the child Pharah and the former team members such as Ana, Tobjorn, Mercy, Mcree, Reinhardt, Soldier 76, and Reaper, there are two more team members who are unrecognizable. A male and female on both sides of the photo.

Prior to Ana’s reveal, there has been countless whispers of the name ‘Sombra‘ and ‘Liao‘. Prior to Ana’s release, there were speculations that she was Sombra. However, the name ‘Sombra’ is tied to Mexican heritage rather than Egyptian, and thusly it’s unlikely that Sombra refers to Ana Amari. As for Liao, there has been no word on his/her existence except for Blizzard’s remark that the character was a founding member of Overwatch.

On top of this speculation, there was the still the existence of Doomfist whose gauntlet played a pivotal role in the very first cinematic trailer for Overwatch. Through many hints within and outside of the game, both Doomfirst and Sombra have been teased immensely endlessly since the game’s release.

One thing’s for sure, there are even more characters on the way and Ana’s reveal has sparked great interest on what’s to come for Overwatch.

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