The port of Resident Evil 5 to current-gen consoles isn’t going smoothly.

Technical issues are popping up all over Reddit discussions of the game’s recent release. The frame rate drops from 60 to low 40s, which is confusing when considering that Resident Evil Revelations 2 was running at 1080p, 60fps in February of 2015. Players who use local co-op, a selling point of Resident Evil 5’s original release on last-gen consoles, face a frustrating new debilitation: Second players cannot use shops or upgrade on their own, and their collected money is pooled into the first player’s wallet. Not only does this mean that one player has to do all of the item management, but it inhibits a large part of player autonomy.

Most game-breaking of the Resident Evil 5 bug reports is that when playing Survivors modes, all but 2 of the playable characters stand the risk of losing their primary weapon when they shouldn’t be able to.

Capcom has responded to these reports, both to players and the media. One player, mightylordredbeard, shared his conversation with a Capcom representative who assured him that “Our teams are actually aware of it and are working on it… We’ll give update [sic] once we have any via our channels!”

The developer similarly stated to GameSpot, “We are aware of the current performance issues and certain gameplay bugs and the team is currently looking into it.”

The rerelease of Resident Evil 5 is available for PS4 and Xbox One for $20.

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