You may have already watched the Civilization VI spotlight on England a while ago, but if you aren’t poaching the Civilization channel for more news, you’ll be tickled pink to see a ‘First Look’ at Egypt and Japan.

Egypt will be lead into victory by Cleopatra. Under her command in Civilization VI, the Egyptians gains a new ability called ‘Eteru’ which allows districts and Wonders to be built faster on river banks. Furthermore, the Egyptians have become a stronger trade partner with additional gold to players who utilize external trade routes. The Egyptians will also have access to the special unit, the ‘Maryannu Chariot Archer’ which gains extra movement speed when starting on an open field. This makes the unit a strong early game harassment tool. Finally, the Sphinx is the Unique Improvement, and it provides faith and culture, gaining culture from being built next to a Wonder.

On the other side, Hojo Tokimune leads the Japanese. Tokimune provides the Japanese with the ‘Meiji Restoration’ ability which allows the Japanese to gain bonuses from building district right next to each other. This promotes the need to build compact and powerful cities. On top of that, the Japanese also gain the ‘Divine Wind’ ability which gives a strength boost to land units who fight next to the coast and naval units who fight in shallow waters. The Japanese will have Samurai as their unique units and they do not lose combat strength even when they lose health. This makes the Samurai an incredible threat mid game. The Japanese can build the electronics factory which provides bonus production and culture to not just the city it is built in, but adjacent cities too.

As each video is released for each Civilization, the game is looking better and better aesthetically. Civilization VI will be released on October 21st, 2016 for PC.

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