Zenimax Online has given details on The Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming dye system.

Elder Scrolls Online players have two ways to dye their gear: ESO Plus Costume Dyes and Dye Stamps. ESO Plus members can customize their equipped costumes and hats at any Dye Station in the game. They do so by using the clothing dyes that are unlocked by completing in-game achievements. Dyed outfits can be saved individually for each of a player’s characters, so the same costume can have a different color on a player’s multiple characters. If a player’s ESO Plus membership expires, they will be able to keep their dyed items. However, they will not be able to edit their dyed clothes or dye new items until their membership is renewed.

Those who do not have an ESO Plus membership can purchase Dye Stamps from the Crown Store. Dye Stamps are one-time-use consumables that contain a preselected color combination. Dye Stamps start at 50 Crowns, and can be used on a single equipped costume/hat.

“You can define sets, copy a color, or clear an applied color to return your item to its original appearance just as you can with our armor dyeing system,” Zenimax Online explains. “You can also sort your unlocked colors by rarity or hue. Hovering over a locked color will show you the achievement you need to complete in order to unlock it.”

The Elder Scrolls Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The dye system will be a part of update 11, which will launch on PC on August 1st, and August 16th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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