The official Bethesda website has released a post detailing the differences between Dishonored 2’s main protagonists, Corvo and Emily.

The post begins by detailing the aesthetic differences between Dishonored 2’s protagonists. Corvo and Emily will look and act differently due to their different pasts. Corvo is more rugged due to his assassin lifestyle, while Emily’s fashion and mannerisms reflect her royal upbringing. She has had the best tutors and wears the very best clothes. She only uses weapons from the finest craftsmen. Despite their differences, however, the assassination of Emily’s mother has shaped the direction of their lives in a similar way.

The differences between Emily and Corvo also applies to the powers that they will use in Dishonored 2. Emily will receive her own unique powers, which will also reflect her royal upbringing. The theme of her powers will revolve around submitting her enemies to her will. Examples of this include Mesmerize, which can entrance her enemies and bait them into different directions, or Domino, which links enemies together so they are all affected by one action.

Corvo, however, will retain the cruder powers that he utilized in the first game, though they will be extended and enhanced. Players will now have upgrades that they can acquire, and will have a power tree. The differences in Emily and Corvo’s powers will offer different solutions to problems and a different experience.

Dishonored 2 will release on November 11th. The game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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