EVO has long since been done and dusted. Astute viewers of the Street Fighter V finals may have noticed a costume change for R. Mika from player Fuudo. According to a series of tweets by Japanese interpreter Ryan Harvey, ESPN 2 had approached EVO into changing the risque default costume R. Mika dons. A quick look at the costume comparisons are below:


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The censorship was forced onto Street Fighter V EVO 2016 Grand Final runner up R. Mika player Fuudo. Although he was able to play the first match of the top 8 playoffs with the default R. Mika costume, upon being told by Ryan Harvey that  ESPN wanted Fuudo to change costumes due to her default being ‘too revealing’. The switch was then made in order to appease ESPN who agreed to partner up with EVO to showcase the championships.

It’s unfortunate but understandable that ESPN would want to censor content that might be a tad bit risque, especially with the chance of youths being part of the demographic audience. With that said, it’s still strange that while ESPN tries to censor digital exposed skin, the content over at ESPN magazine body issue (NSFW) is free to show far more risque live shots of naked athletes.