If you have played video games in the past decade, you more than likely have had a hand in helping the Fallout franchise become one of the most renowned today. People love exploring the the post apocalyptic world with their characters and seeing what they can find, while getting into some wild adventures. Now this wonderful aspect will be added to the mobile spinoff, Fallout Shelter.

There have been over 50 million people to download and play Fallout Shelter. This milestone gives the game more players than all previous Fallouts combined. It looks like even more people will get on board once they see the content coming with update 1.6. First, Quests are being added to the game. You will now be able to go outside of your vault to places like Red-Rocket, Super Duper Mart, or perhaps less established abandoned buildings.

If you’re going to venture out into the world, of course you are going to run into more enemies, like Ghouls and Radscorpions. With this, Fallout Shelter has enhanced its combat with more control to the players. There are also new items added to the store to help get you started or enhance your already fantastic skills.

If this isn’t enough to go further beyond that 50 million players mark, perhaps the fact that it is officially released on PC will. A whole new way to get your hands on Fallout Shelter. You can download it now at Bethesda.net. Good luck out there.

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