There have been many frightening films since the dawn of cinema. From Hitchcock to Craven, numerous directors have made audiences feel the horror that the main characters are going through. With video games, however, designers put players even more in those shoes and force them to act, even when they are most frightened. Frictional Games have been one of the best developers to bring this upon their fans. Now it looks like they want to prove they can do more.

As the developers of hits like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA, Frictional Games has gained quite the reputation for making players jump in their seats. As they continue with this reputation, they also plan on branching from it as well. It was revealed in an interview with Creative Director Thomas Grip that two new titles are in the works. “One is horror… the other is not,” Grip stated. “We want to spread out on what Frictional does. We don’t just want to be ‘the horror guys.'”

While horror is not on the plate for one of their newest titles, it will still certainly be dark. Grip mentioned he love of storytelling through experience found in PlayDead’s Inside. Gamespresso’s own Sean Timm gave this game a 10/10, so we can see how it can inspire others. Gamers all around should look forward to learning more about this mystery title from Frictional Games in the future.

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