Fans of GTA V will know that the game has its fair share of easter eggs, ranging from the multiple UFOs in the sky to Bigfoot himself. A new easter egg has been discovered that follows on from a previous easter egg that allowed players to don the appearance and abilities of Bigfoot.

Once players have collected 27 peyote plants, as well as completed several other conditions, 7 more golden peyote plants will appear. Each plant needs to be tracked down under similar conditions with each one turning the player back into Bigfoot, players are provided with clues with each plant.

Once the final plant has been discovered players will need to follow a trail of bodies and growls. The total number of bodies and the path you need to follow is completely random, meaning players will need to find their own path. Once you’ve jumped through all the hoops you will get to have an epic showdown with The Beast. Looking like a 90s era werewolf, The Beast is a force to be reckoned with. If you do manage to beat The Beast you will be able to use him in the Director Mode by selecting the “Wild Animal” option.

If you want some help finding the peyote plants in GTA V you can watch a walkthrough such as this one to help you get your bearings.

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