If you were hoping to gain access to Battlefield 1’s closed alpha, you may be disappointed.

The title’s upcoming test may leave many players out, as only a handful have been granted access to the closed alpha on PC, EA revealed.

“We’re holding a very small, very exclusive closed alpha test for Battlefield 1.” EA wrote. “Unfortunately, we’ve already let in everyone we need for this test and won’t be giving away access to anyone else. If you’re confused, don’t worry. You didn’t miss a registration or sign up, it’s just a very small, closed test.”

A screenshot of an email sent out to those who are invited to the test reveals that those selected must keep all information about the game confidential, including a restriction on any screenshots, videos, or images in any public forums and social media channels.

If you’re one of the presumably many who didn’t make it into the alpha, all hope is not lost as an open beta for the game is planned for sometime before the games’ official launch, currently scheduled for October 21st, 2016.  Signing up for Battlefield Insider will let you be the first to know when the window opens to register for that open beta.

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