The Hitman franchise took a turn when it was taken over by Square Enix. Now, with episodic missions and updates online, you never know what will come next. From cities like Paris, France and Marrakesh, Moracco this title has already taken players to numerous places around the world. Their next target, however, is a celebrity from the United States. He is also one you never thought would be need to be taken down by such a skilled Hitman as Agent 47.

Who could this celebrity be, you wonder? It is none other then the off the walls crazy Gary Busey himself. It all started with a vote opened  a few months ago. Players had an opportunity for an Elusive Target in Hitman to be either Gary Busey or Gary Cole. Evidently, players decided to have the eccentric Busey, rather than the dry humored Cole as the target for kill. Hitman’s seventh Elusive Target mission will begin Thursday, July 21st at 5:00 am PT. From that point on, players will have seven days, or 168 hours, to take down Gary “The Wildcard” Busey in the Sapienza region. Otherwise, they will have missed the opportunity forever.

Remember, the more Elusive Target you complete, the more special items, like Hitman signature suits, you can obtain. Stay on top of updates and be the best Agent 47 you can be.

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