The developer behind Hitman has an important question for you.

Will Agent 47 take down Gary Busey or Gary Cole?

It’s up to the fans to decide which Gary will be his target in an upcoming episode of the new game this summer. Watch the video belowaboveto hear each Gary’s case why you should spare him, and then submit your vote at with a #KillBusey or #KillCole.

The winner of this contest isn’t really a winner at all though, as they will be the target of a hitman contract for a future installment of the game.

The new Hitman title is completely episodic, with developer IO Interactive hoping to have all of the episodes completed and released by the end of the summer.

In our review of episode 1, we said, “Aside from having lengthy load-times and the occasional sluggish menu, the game runs well, is gorgeous, and is packed with interesting things to see and do. But the fact that enjoyment was so deeply marred by persistent server issues keeps Hitman from being as easily recommendable as it would be otherwise.”

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