With the addition of Competitive Play last month and the recent announcement of the new character, Ana, Overwatch fans have had plenty to be excited about. Game Director Jeff Kaplan says there’s still plenty more on the way though.

Taking part in a Twitch stream with Lumosity Gaming’s Ster, Kaplan and a group of other Blizzard developers discussed their plans for the game over the next few months. Chief among the changes teased is shortening the time it takes to complete a game in Competitive Play. Currently, it is quite the time investment, especially when compared to the single rounds of Quick Play.

As for content, Ana is only the tip of the iceberg. Kaplan and the team plan to release new maps and modes. They tease that currently four new maps are in development, though there is no word on when, or even if, any of them will make it into the game. Additionally, the first new map will be added before a new mode. And for those looking for more cosmetic options, new skins are on the way before the end of the summer.

Ana, the first new character announced since the release of Overwatch, is a support sniper and the mother of Pharah. The developers even go as far as to clarify that Ana’s Origins trailer is her writing a letter to her daughter, revealing that she is alive. The character is currently available in the game’s PTR, and will likely join the official game in the near future.

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