In a twist everyone saw coming, Hideo Kojima has revealed that Ludens, Kojima Productions’ new mascot, is Kojima. Well, sort of.

Fans have speculated that Kojima may be the face behind the skull in Ludens’ suit since his poster first appeared with the tagline “I’ll keep coming.”, a catchphrase that has since become the butt of many jokes about its possible alternative meaning. It also became the title of the song accompanying the trailer for Kojima’s first game, Death Stranding.

Ludens will appear in the “logo movie” for Kojima Productions, a clip that will presumably play at the start of most Kojima games, even though it’s an impressive 37 seconds long.

In any case, at Comic Con (via EGM), Kojima confirmed that the face is, indeed, his own, scanned into the game, which confirms that Kojima will “keep coming” back with new games and ideas. They scanned his face into the movie while testing different game engines, one of which they’ve reportedly almost settled on. Ludens, they clarified, is not a character from Death Stranding, but simply a logo for their company. Kojima also admitted that he found seeing his face in the suit “creepy”.

No word yet on Death Stranding’s release date, but from the above you at least know how the game will open.

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