San Diego Comic-Con saw not just amazing new comics and hero movies, but several new game-related teasers and trailers. One of which was the official studio introduction for Kojima Productions which will be played whenever the player starts a Kojima Production game. The intro is expected to appear for the upcoming game Death Stranding.

Just like the title of the video suggests, the intro cinematic has a great deal of production value put in. It’s almost like something you’d see in movies. A medium that the team’s lead developer Hideo Kojima often likes to indulge in.

The video shows off Homo Ludens, the company’s mascot, stomping onto the screen in a strange place with a space-like terrain. The camera pans up to see a full body shot of Ludens as a whale glides past until the camera reaches Ludens’ face where he switches off the helmet lighting to place a flag with the Kojima Production logo. Presumably the whale that glided past Ludens in the air lunges out of the ground behind Ludens to land back into a beautiful digital ocean.

The cinematic is intense, it’s beautiful and most of all, it is a true representation of Hideo Kojima’s vision for the company: the driving force to conquer the unknown and expand the horizon for all of mankind. Despite the impressive display, there is still nothing related to Death Stranding revealed yet. So close.

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