It seems that No Man’s Sky has been hit with another delay on PC. Luckily, the delay is only for three days.

According to the No Man’s Sky official website, the title will launch on PC on August 12th. This is three days after the PlayStation 4 version of the game, which will launch on August 9th. Developer Hello Games has not given a reason for the PC version’s delay.

This delay is not as bad as the first delay that had hit No Man’s Sky a few months ago. The game was originally given a release date of June 24th, but was pushed all the way to early August.

It has been announced that PlayStation 4 gamers will not have to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus in order to play No Man’s Sky. The likely reason for this is that the title is being considered a single-player game, as many gamers will never run into another player, let alone a friend. While it is not required to have PlayStation Plus in order to play the game, an internet connection will still be required in order to register with the universal atlas.

No Man’s Sky will release on the PlayStation 4 on August 9th. It will then release on PC on August 12th.

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