From overloaded servers to accidentally accessing players’ Google account information, it was quickly apparent that Caterpie and Weedle aren’t the only bugs wiggling around within Pokemon GO. Some players have experienced errors in which their purchased items go missing; others have had their progress reset to level one. But one of the most glaring issues with the game has been its heavy battery usage – and surprisingly, Niantic acknowledges it.

Pokemon GO developer Niantic Labs has updated its official Known Issues page, acknowledging major bugs that have plagued some players since the app’s launch. Although the page does not hint at any specific patch dates, instead merely listing the issues, this is a good sign for players who may have been put off by the game’s random technical failures.

In regards to the app’s heavy battery usage, Niantic’s official statement on the matter reads:

“Some devices may experience battery drain while playing Pokemon GO for prolonged periods of time. We are working on a solution.”

The short description isn’t at all explicit about how Niantic plans to approach the problem of battery drainage. But the fact that Niantic sees the issue as an issue, and not simply a harsh reality of AR gaming, seems like a testament to the developer’s commitment to Pokemon GO’s success.

In addition to fixing problems with heavy battery usage, Niantic acknowledges issues regarding GPS accuracy and stability, situations in which music within the app becomes distorted or delayed, and problems accessing in-app purchased items. A banner is also hosted at the top of the site, which assures players that the developers are working toward a solution to connectivity issues. The banner reads:

“Due to the incredible number of Pokémon GO downloads, some Trainers are experiencing server connectivity issues. Don’t worry, our team is on it!”

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