Someone playing Pokemon GO has officially caught them all. Well, for the most part.

Nick Johnson has caught all of the Pokemon that are currently available in the United States, which translates to him having caught 142. This is the total number that can currently be found without having to travel to another country.

More importantly, which ones is Johnson missing? The four legendaries, Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos and MewTwo, are currently not available to be caught (many believe they will eventually appear in some sort of special event planned by developer Ninantic). Additionally, three more that Johnson does not have include Mr. Mime, Kanghaskan, and Farfetch’d, all of which are believed to be region locked to Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and Asia respectively. North America’s exclusive is Tauros.

Johnson filled up his Pokedex mainly in New York, where he would sometimes spend “eight hours a day” looking for Pokemon. In total, he’s caught 4,629 individual Pokémon and hatched 303 eggs, covering an average of eight miles a day.

“I may or may not have gotten in an Uber to drive around when I spotted a Porygon in radar,” Johnson wrote in a Reddit post. “It was [the] second to last thing I needed.”

While he plans on taking a short break, Johnson told Business Insider, he’s currently “writing to travel sites and startups” to see if they will sponsor his travels to the above listed countries in hopes to truly complete his Pokedex in Pokemon GO.

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