Nintendo has released new details behind their upcoming colorful paint-shooter Splatoon, and recently invited two Playboy playmates to tryout the game a few months before it arrives on store shelves.

In the completely safe-for-work video, playmates from the Gamer Next Door series, Amelia Talon and Pamela Horton, play and discuss the single and multiplayer functions of the game. Both donned Legend of Zelda shirts while playing.

“I had a great time playing the single player mode. The controls were very different than I’m used to. You aim using the tilt function. As a first person shooter, it didn’t feel like a first person shooter like Call of Duty,” Talon said in the video. “It’s a game that I would love to play with lots of friends and I hope that they do because I’m going to be getting this game when it comes out!”

Expected to be released in May, Nintendo recently released more details for the game which combines elements of shooting, strategy, and action.

The game features a single player mode that gives players a chance to control a customized Inkling to explore the underground base of the enemy Octarians. There are a variety of devices available exclusively in the single player mode and each stage will allows players to improve their ability to shoot, jump, and squirt their ink.

Skills learned in single mode can be applied directly to the games multiplayer modes. Turf War, the main mode, is a four-vs-four mode where players try to cover as much of the map with their team’s ink as possible. Players can level up and earn currency that can be used to purchase clothing and weapons for customization in the game’s main plaza. Different pieces of clothing grant players additional perks such as swimming through their color ink faster or reducing the time needed to reload their paint supply.

A new multiplayer mode was revealed called Ranked Battle which will keep track of each player’s online ranking. The mode will only be available to players who reach level 10 in the online portion of the game, so it will only be unlocked by Nintendo as enough players reach the requirements. Once unlocked, Splat Zones is one of the options in this mode that will available where players defend their territories with their ink blasts.

Are you, like the Playmates, excited for Splatoon? Let us know in the comments below!

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