Back in the 80’s, video games were these mysterious and wonderful cartridges that put magic on our television screens. Only the top developers knew everything that was going on behind the scenes. While video games are still magical, technology and education has risen and created much more game developers, independent and others. The market is more saturated and it can sometimes be difficult to pick out new games for ourselves. If you are a PS4 owner, maybe this new sale will help you narrow it down.

Sony is starting the annual PLAY sales campaign back up again. For owners of the PS4, this means being able to preorder and purchase four great upcoming games at a fantastic discount. The games feature in this campaign are Headander, a 70’s sci-fi platformer, Abzu, a game of underwater exploration, Brut@l, a unique cooperative experience, and Bound, a platformer based on the art of ballet.

If any or all of these titles interest you, it will come as great news to hear that PlayStation Plus members can purchase these games at %20 off. If you are not a PlayStation Plus, you can still get them for %20 off if you purchase more than one. Plus members can stack these discounts too, for an even greater bargain. Each one also comes with a new theme for their PS4. Here is the short list for each title:

  • Headlander (July 26th): $15.99
  • Abzû (August 2nd): $15.99
  • Brut@l (August 9th): $11.99
  • Bound (August 16th) $15.99

If you have a PS4, you’re not going to want to miss out on this PLAY campaign.

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