You know how the hard drive cover slips off your PS4, making it an obvious way to customise your console? And how Sony has taken advantage of that fact with limited editions, but not so much in any other way?

Well, with the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine in the UK you can get a special MGS: V decal to decorate your Playstation, now you can be like the cool kids. Here’s the low down:

This has to be one of the coolest free gifts we’ve ever given away with Official PlayStation Magazine. Pick up the paper version of the new issue and you’ll get an awesome Metal Gear Solid V decal – with a selection of different faceplate options – to cover your PS4 in sneaky glory.

Sony’s ridged baby may be a looker on its own, but plastering Venom Snake onto your killer console gives it added stealthy sheen.

Other than the awesome free gift, the issue looks at COD: Black Ops 3, Star Wars Battlefront, Guitar Hero Live and The Elder Scrolls Online, among other things.

To get your MGS: V decal, pick up a copy at your local supermarket or newsagents for £5.99.

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