If you’re popping back into Tom Clancy’s: The Division, you may not have noticed a small change was made earlier in the week. For PvP fans, there has now been a 20% increase in damage for all weapons according to the changelog for the July 14th maintenance. Outside of that, the only other change is a fix to the Dragon’s Nest map where there was an exploit that would allow players to leave the map area.

Here is the list of changes to be implemented with the July 14th maintenance:

  • Modified PvP weapon damage modifier so players will deal about 20% more weapon damage to each other (note that this change does not impact skill damage)
  • Added more kill volumes to Dragon’s Nest map. When exiting the map area, characters will be automatically killed”

These are just minor tweaks to The Division in order to provide a better overall experience for the players. The damage buff is more than likely to reduce ‘time-to-kill’ in the Dark Zone section of the game, especially since the damage modification only exists for weapon damage, not skill damage.

This update comes after the last patch nerfed the G36 assault rifles by 15%. Although it still keeps the damage down for non PvP modes, this patch makes the G36 more viable with the PvP buff.

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