One minor complaint that has plagued XCOM 2 since it launched last week has been its long load times. One load screen in particular, the return trip from a mission, has struck gamers as strangely long. But now there way be a weird work around for it.

Though it sounds absolutely too odd to be true, gamers are reporting that pressing the Caps Lock key during the loading screen will make it instantly load. Reading through the the game’s performance thread on NeoGAF, most people can’t believe it either, until they try it. Here’s just a few of the responses:

“Yep, the caps-lock thing actually working on return trip is … amazing. I thought people were nuts but nope.” – Parsnip.

“I tried the caps lock thing and I can’t believe it actually works. The whole screen freezes for a hot second, and then its immediately done. What is going on in this game?” – Alo81

“OMG, i tried the Capslock method and it actually made returning to base loading instant! this is insanity. what a strange thing.” – LiK

While I might not work for everyone, the shear number that it has worked for is impressive all on its own. The prevailing theory is that the long load time is actually a bug, and the Caps Lock key somehow bypasses it.

XCOM 2 is out now for PC and Mac. Does the Caps Lock trick work for you? Let us know in the comments.

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